by ideusadmin on November 17, 2016

Each complex product creation usually involves multiple production steps, starting from documentation, planning, blueprints, prototyping, producing, testing, and so on. Our clients’ company designs and produces insoles, so they needed a good and handy web interface for managing the full development cycle for their product. Starting from design mockups and ending inventory management, we created a web application that allowed engineers to communicate with each other, work on documentation, transfer the documentation to production plants and control the development until the end of the cycle.

Responsive design for the management panel allows engineers to work using different devices, and PHP programming programming language supports the need for constant deployment and easy and fast functionality updates.

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Check out WisdomGame case study

Wisdomantics is a cross-platform mobile board game, based on a combination of Monopoly-type gameplay based on the life of King Solomon. Users have to move their tokens over the play map by answering the questions related to King Solomon’s biography.

We developed this game using a Phonegap/Javascrpipt technologies stack and PHP as a back-end. This allowed us to cut the development time by using the common code base for both iOS and Android versions of game, and have a quicker route for each update, since there’s no need to update the code on 2 different platforms.
The app has a social integration with the Facebook platform, and is also closely integrated with Apple Game Center and Google Play Center.

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