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Postmuseum is a simple yet elegant and functional WordPress website we built for our client. The website is used as a source of all information about the museum, including news, exhibitions, partnerships and as an online store, selling the goods.

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    Presentational Website
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    UI/UX Design, PM, Front-end, Back-end
Client Location Stockholm, Sweden
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Create a lightweight and elegant website in the top of WordPress / Woocommerce engine.


Client had already an established WordPress website, which they wanted to update, redesign and add advanced functionality to it.

The Solution

We helped our client to successfully update the website design using a custom WordPress theme we created, set up the Woocommerce ecommerce section at the website, create few custom plugins, maintain the multi languages setup. Over the years we help to maintain this website in terms of all content updates, software and security fixes, etc.


The website interface is designed in a lightweight and spacious style, to focus users attention on the content provided.

Home page

Advanced back-end editing tools were set up for clients staff to edit the content thru the different content areas.

Internal pages

Several custom templates were designed for different sections of the website.

Exhibitions pages

Being a museum, Postmuseum handles several different exhibitions on a daily basis. We developed a handy module
for the content editors to put the information about these exhibitions in an easy and elegant way.


Few pages were designed to cover the different services available on site.


A classic Woocommerce ecommerce module was setup for this website in order to allow clients to accept the orders and manage the inventory. It’s customers are able to order the products and track the orders status using this platform.

Adaptive Design

Our designers developed specific designs for several main devices sizes, which were implemented in an adaptive HTML/CSS layouts, embedded into the WordPress template.


The following technologies were used in order to develop this project:


  • PHP (WordPress)


  • Mysql


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