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App for for finding french bulldog puppies from the breeders.

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    IOS/Android app
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    PM, UI/UX Design, Frontend, Backend, Mobile Development,
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Client Location California, USA
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Develop an app for both breeders and future pet owners. This app works as a sort of marketplace for these 2 audiences.


Make a handy app where puppies will meet their new families. Provide a good handset for breeders to put their pets to the market.

The Solution

React/React Native mobile app was developed to provide a great experience for users to find a route to their future pet friends.


This custom application is for finding your puppy.

Account Selection

At the beginning, the user is able to select a role:
Future Pet Owner - Breeder.

Puppies Management Panel

These screens show the detailed pets profiles management for the breeders, where an owner can upload all photos and details for the puppies available.

Breeders Profile Management and CRM

Breeders have a handy panel for managing their pets, customers, chats with the customers. They also have separate breeders chat to talk to other breeders around.

Puppy’s Profile

Check out the cute nice pet photos, read their biography, and check the breeder’s details.

Maps & Filters

Browse for the pets’ locations around yoг and filter by a specific color, age and budget.

Chats & Communication

Real time chat with push notifications were implemented for both breeders and buyers, with an ability to attach photos and videos.

Useful Tips About Puppies

The app also provides useful information on pets care, training,
and other stuff.


The following technologies were used in order to develop this project:


  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Nginx


  • Mysql


  • React Native
  • React
  • TypeScript


  • Digital Ocean
  • CDN
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