Our client manages lots of conferences and meetings for their personnel and partners around the world. Therefore they needed a tool to manage all of the information for each conference, including the place where it is being held, local hotels, available meeting rooms and inventory available for presenters (like projectors, notebooks, etc.).

We developed a robust inventory management online tool, which provided all required interfaces for the organizers to manage the hotels rooms available, meeting and conference spaces schedule, and the inventory available for attendees. Conference members are able to sign up for a desired room, check out the reservations schedule for each meeting room and book it for the meetings, and get all confirmations and details automatically from the system in real time.

This project was done using a PHP and MySQL technologies stack, running a front-end with AngularJS in an adaptive layout, which allowed users to use it from both a desktop and mobile devices with no restrictions.


This game is an interpretation of the “Scavenger Hunt” game, which is great for exploring the new places around for students, tourists and other newcomers.

An iOS app, written using Swift programming language and which communicates to web-based back-end, to get the quizzes contents and sync the users progress.

The administrator is able to track the progress for each player, manage the content for the hunts (quizzes), and manage the leaderboards using the web-based CMS tool which we crafted for this project.


Our client wanted to develop a service similar to Airbnb but instead of renting apartments this service is for the office rental market. Office owners with vacant space needed a fast and easy way to upload their offices details to a website, while customers looking for offices wanted to find a new office and sign an agreement in just a few clicks.

We started from the prototyping stage, where we developed all of the main project steps and logics, including separate areas for public users, registered users, registered office owners and global administrator.

Based on our custom PHP/MySQL CMS development, this turned into a large and interesting project for us, considering a number of unique features (like scheduling calendar editor) that we developed in short terms.


Wisdomantics is a cross-platform mobile board game, based on a combination of Monopoly-type gameplay based on the life of King Solomon. Users have to move their tokens over the play map by answering the questions related to King Solomon’s biography.

We developed this game using a Phonegap/Javascrpipt technologies stack and PHP as a back-end. This allowed us to cut the development time by using the common code base for both iOS and Android versions of game, and have a quicker route for each update, since there’s no need to update the code on 2 different platforms.
The app has a social integration with the Facebook platform, and is also closely integrated with Apple Game Center and Google Play Center.


Our company developed a social media app, allowing the user to quickly create chats and find new friends during the miscellaneous gaming events. Users were able to vote for and against particular posts, supporting their favorite teams.

An app was created using iOS Objective C native language and supported the posting of text and photo messages, push notifications and quick and handy back-end using PHP and MySQL.


Each complex product creation usually involves multiple production steps, starting from documentation, planning, blueprints, prototyping, producing, testing, and so on. Our clients’ company designs and produces insoles, so they needed a good and handy web interface for managing the full development cycle for their product. Starting from design mockups and ending inventory management, we created a web application that allowed engineers to communicate with each other, work on documentation, transfer the documentation to production plants and control the development until the end of the cycle.

Responsive design for the management panel allows engineers to work using different devices, and PHP programming programming language supports the need for constant deployment and easy and fast functionality updates.


The clients company is running a number of scientific projects, which require constant work with a large database of scientific documents, which needed to be categorized, tagged and searched. We created a complex tool with multiple access levels to provide an easy though functional interface to manage large amounts of data.

Project consists of PHP/MySQL web application as well as a robust tool for PDF parser Tesseract OCR, running in Amazon cloud.


This arcade 3d game we developed has a unique gameplay, where users have to kick the ball using their finger and hit into the goal, all of that running in a beautiful unique 3D environment.

This game was developed using Unity framework, which allowed developers to be flexible in utilizing existing Unity plugins and modules, which saved a considerable amount of development time compared to developing from scratch.

Our 3d designer modeled and texturized 10 different levels, including forest, sand, space, and warship. Some levels have their own unique features and hidden gems, which provided more fun for players.