A Journey in Time

Postmuseum is a Sweden museum of Swedish Post Office. This is a Wordpress based website, presenting the history and future of Swedish Postal service.

Client Stockholm, Sweden
Category Presentational Website
Platforms Mobile • Web
Available on the

Client had already an established Wordpress website which they wanted to update, redesign, extend its functionality and maintain. We helped our client to successfully update the website design using a custom Wordpress theme created, extend the website functionality (including setting up Woocommerce ecommerce section and other new features), and keep maintaining for years the website security, content, features updates.

Services included
  • Wordpress website development
  • Website maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Content updates
  • Quality assurance
  • Corporate presentational website
  • Ecommerce functionality based on Woocommerce
  • Custom Forms module implemented
  • SEO optimization

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