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From rough idea to a turnkey solution, we aim to get best results in each web or mobile development project we handle.

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Enhanced and robust system for managing the meetings and conferences held worldwide, allowing participants to book their accommodation and meeting rooms.


An iOS app social game that allows users to explore the environment by passing the specifically created quizzes and tasks.


An online service, allowing office owners to lease their offices and conference
rooms, and helps clients to find these office rooms and
sign a rental agreement.


The board game running on iOS and Android, allowing players to play
single or multiplayer game with their friends.


A mobile iOS sports messenger app, game fans to discover each other and communicate in realtime during the sports events.


Online web tool to manage the documentation on a number of
shoes insoles products that the company produces.


Complex online database tool for managing scientific papers and a database
of chemical components.


Mobile arcade game, a combination of golf and football, where the player has to kick
the ball and target it into the goal, but instead of playing on a standard field,
the game runs in different 3D environments.

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