by ideusadmin on November 17, 2016

This game is an interpretation of the “Scavenger Hunt” game, which is great for exploring the new places around for students, tourists and other newcomers.

An iOS app, written using Swift programming language and which communicates to web-based back-end, to get the quizzes contents and sync the users progress.

The administrator is able to track the progress for each player, manage the content for the hunts (quizzes), and manage the leaderboards using the web-based CMS tool which we crafted for this project.

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The clients company is running a number of scientific projects, which require constant work with a large database of scientific documents, which needed to be categorized, tagged and searched. We created a complex tool with multiple access levels to provide an easy though functional interface to manage large amounts of data.

Project consists of PHP/MySQL web application as well as a robust tool for PDF parser Tesseract OCR, running in Amazon cloud.

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Development and constant maintenance of mobile apps for our clients is one of our main directions. We do apps mostly for iOS, Android.

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